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Product name : SNS Net
Item : cn-gabion-0012
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SNS Flexible Slope protection mesh

Wire mesh for rockfall protection introduction:   
Wire mesh slope protection main components: High-tensile steel wire, Steel bar anchor of bolting, Claw type special anchor plate, Edge rope, oversewed rope or special lock.

Rock netting slope protection system for protecting slope is composed of steel wire ropes,high-strength steel wire grids, anchor rods, uprights, up and down anchor ropes, energy dissipation rings and so on. The rock fall protection mesh system consists of a combination of steel columns and steel wire ropes to form a whole, forming a slope protection for the protected area, so as to prevent the collapse of the collapsed rock and play a role in the flexible protection of the slope.

High strength steel wire mesh is manufactured from a 2.2 or 3mm high-tensile steel wire with a tensile strength of 1770N/M2. Together with a pattern of bolting or anchoring , rockfall protection netting stabilise steep, unconsolidated rock and rock slopes.

Slope protection mesh classification:

Slope protection mesh for protecting slope can be divided into active slope protection mesh protection system and passive slope protection mesh protection system ,which is made of steel wire ropes as major components, the covering protection type is called active system while the holding protection type  is called passive system. So there are two basic types of flexible security system technology and products to prevent geological disasters of various slopes and avalanche slope, bank erosion, blasting stone fly, falling objects and other hazards.

Active flexible rockfall protection system is based on the steel wire rope and other flexible net wrapped on the desired slope or rock to limit the slope rock weathered.

Passive rockfall netting protecting system is a integral net including steel wire rope and other components which has an effect of the surface protection of the protected area.

Passive rock fall netting protecting system is composed of high-strength steel wire ,H steel,anchor rod ,pressure-relief ring and other installation components .They combined into a whole system to protect the area,against the dropping stones and collapsed slope.