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Weld Gabion Box

Weld Gabion Box

Weld Gabion Box Weld Gabion Box Weld Gabion Box Weld Gabion Box
Product name : Weld Gabion Box
Item : cn-gabion-wg-002
Details :
Welded gabion Introduction:

Welded gabion baskets materials is high quality galvanized steel wire. The mesh opening is rectangular or square, filled with block stone or natural pebbles inside it, which can be used for highway, slope protection, roadway protection, bridge protection retaining wall and so on. It has the advantages of permeability, integrity and so on.

Welded gabion wall can not only hold stone, or even more fine sediment, fill materials from local materials, especially suitable for the lack of stone in the river or coastal use. With the help of advanced tools such as excavators and forklifts, the installation effect is tens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags.

Welded gabion cage Applications:

Custom gabion cages and geotextile are assembled and sewn to contain fine sand, earth and stones; they are made into anti-explosion walls. As military equipment, they can be used as temporary bunkers, fortresses and pre-war headquarters for anti-riot and anti-explosive use by combat forces to replace traditional artificial trenches, effectively block the attack of guns and bullets, effectively reduce casualties among soldiers and personnel, and can be recycled. Our company produces as many as 12 specifications of explosion-proof cages, earth gray, khaki, grass green and other colors, and can be flexibly combined to be used in different scenarios or uses.

Advantages of welded gabion :

1、welded wire mesh gabion baskets surface is smooth and neat, mesh uniform, solid solder joint, with strong fastness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity and other advantages.

2、welded gabion cages is cheap and easy to install, it is an ideal choice for yard decoration and slope protection greening.

3、welded gabion wall fence has strong ability to resist natural damage and adverse weather effects.

4、welded gabion wall baskets has great tensile capacity.

5、The spot installation of welded gabion is simple, quick and convenient, and the structure is pretty beautiful, and it has high working efficiency.

We are a professional gabion baskets supplier, we can provide gabion wall design services, please contact us for more gabion wire mesh information.