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  • Weld Mesh

    Weld Mesh There are several types of welded wire mesh which can be categorized according to their structure, use, and characteristics. Welded wire fabric (WWF) for concrete slab reinforcement This type of mesh is a square grid of uniformly placed wires, welded at all intersections, and meeting the requirements of ASTM A185 and A497 ...... Read More

  • BRC Mesh

    BRC Mesh STANDARD/MERCHANT FABRIC Electrically welded fabric BS4483. All standard sheets A, B, C and D are 4.8m x 2.4m. A393, A252, A193 and A142 are also available in merchant size sheets 3.6m x 2.0m Standard Fabric Electrically welded fabric B...... Read More

  • Steel Grating

    Steel Grating   MILD STEEL GRATING: Mild steel grating is available in many different types and profiles, economic and strong with superior spanning capabilities. Mild steel grating is typically supplied with a plain surface but a serrated surface is also available on our most common mild steel grating products.   Our Mild stee...... Read More

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