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Thanks for your interest in Tianjin Cn-Gabion. Tianjin Cn-Gabion is a professional wire mesh products manufacturer that supplies you better solutions and the quality wire meshes. Our factory is ISO 9000 accreditated, and our products meet EN | ASTM | GB standards, shipped globally with good credit. This is your one-stop wire mesh solution provider. Be assured that our dynamic team is always moving forward, researching, and seeking to provide you with only the best.

  • Weld Mesh

    There are several types of welded wire mesh which can be categorized according to thei...

  • Temporrary Fence

      Temporary fencing is an alternative to its permanent counterpart when a  ...

  • Razor Wire

      Razor wire has a central strand of high   tensile strength   wire, and a s...

  • Weld Mesh Fence

      Styles Profiled Rigid Mesh Panels Double-Wire Rigid Mesh Panels (also k...

  • Gabion Box

        Tianjin Cn-Gabion Co. Ltd. Gabion Product Specifications meet EN | ASTM ...

  • RENO Mattress

      Tianjin Cn-Gabion Co. Ltd. Gabion Product Specifications meet  EN | ASTM  inte...


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We appreciate the opportunity to become your new favorite partner. From business-to-business clients to terminal consumers, Tianjin Cn-Gabion helps you get the market or benefit from the quality solution that suits your needs no matter at present or in the future. Customer's demand is always the 1st priority. Read More

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