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RENO Mattress

Woven Mesh Gabion Baskets or Gabion Cages and mattresses are purpose designed stone filled wire mesh baskets or cages for use as retaining structures. They are also sometimes referred to as just stone filled bastions, stone cages or baskets. Gabion baskets are an economical, environmental and established solution for structural retaining walls and coastal defences. Designed like for like, gabions are hard to beat on cost and aesthetics when compared to other established retaining wall systems such as reinforced concrete and masonry. This is particularly so for low to medium height retaining walls.

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Tianjin Cn-Gabion Co. Ltd. Gabion Product Specifications meet EN | ASTM international Standards

Gabion boxes are made of low carbon steel wire with high corrosion resistance, high strength and ductility, or steel wire coated with plastic PVC/PE, which are woven mechanically. the diameter of low carbon steel wire used varies according to the engineering design requirements according to EN10223-3 and YB/T4190-2018 standards. The tensile strength of the wire is generally between 2.0-4.0 mm and 350~500 N/mm², and the weight of the metal coating is generally higher than that of 245g/m2 . The selvedge wire diameter of  is generally larger than the diameter of the mesh wire to ensure the overall strength.


There are four main gabion wall materials:

(1) Galvanized steel wire: high quality low carbon steel wire, the diameter of steel wire ranges from 2.0 mm-4.0mm, the tensile strength of steel wire ranges from 350~500 N/mm², the surface of steel wire is protected by hot dip galvanizing, the thickness of gabion baskets galvanized protective layer is made according to customer requirements, and the maximum amount of galvanizing can reach 350 g/㎡.

(2)Zinc-5%(10%) Aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire (also known as Galfan) steel wire, which is a new international material in recent years.The corrosion resistance is more than three times the traditional pure galvanized steel wire, wire diameter up to 2.0 mm-4.0mm, wire Tensile strength 350~500 N/mm².

(3)Steel wire with  PVC or PE coated: This layer of protective layer will greatly increase the protection in high pollution environment, and through the choice of different colors, it can be integrated with the surrounding environment.

(4)Zinc-5%(10%) aluminium-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire with PVC or PE coated: a PVC or PE protective layer is wrapped on the surface of zinc-5% aluminium-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire, and then woven into mesh of various specifications. This protective layer will be greatly increased in highly polluting environments protection in, and through the choice of different colors, so that it can blend with the surrounding environment.


Application of Custom gabion cages:

 ● Control and guidance of rivers and floods

The most serious disaster of the river is the destruction caused by the erosion of the river bank by the current, which causes flooding, resulting in a large loss of life and property and a large amount of soil erosion. Therefore, when dealing with the above problems, the application of the gabion retaining wall structure becomes one of the good solutions, which can make the river bank of the river bed be protected for a long period.

 ● Channel Canal Riverbed

The construction of channels involves the stability of slopes and river beds. Therefore, gabion wall fence are the main method used in many natural river reconstruction and artificial channel excavation in the past hundred years. It can effectively protect river banks or riverbeds, and it also has the function of controlling the flow of water and preventing water loss, especially in environmental protection and water quality maintenance, which has a good effect.

● River bank protection

The application of gabion cages and river bank protection and slope foot protection are very successful examples. The advantages of gabion wal have been fully experienced and excellent results have been obtained.

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