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What is gabion mattress? 

Gabion mattress is a lower gabion basket in flat shape. Woven or welded gabion mattresses are connected by binding wire to create a permanent erosion control in channels, stream banks, spillway and slopes. It has been proven a robust alternative to conventional rip-rap, concrete structure for its excellent flexibility, permeability and monolithic structure.

What is a gabion basket?

Gabion is a box-shaped wire container filled with stones, concrete or sometimes sand soil. Flexibility is an important superiority of any gabion structure. It ensures gabion construction withstand impact pressure without deforming, cracking or breaking as in the case of concrete and other rigid materials.

What is life expectancy of a gabion?

The life expectancy of gabions depends on the durability of the wire, not on the contents of the cage. Gabion structure will fail when the wire fails. Galvanized wire is the most common. PVC coated and stainless steel wires are increasingly used in many applications. It is estimated that PVC-coated galvanized gabion products can service about 60 years.

Where are gabion mattress and gabion basket used for?

  • For curbing soil erosion, gabion box filled with suitable stones is used.

  • For dams or foundation construction, cylindrical metal structures are applied.
  • For military application, hesco barrier are used to protect our soldiers from fire and explosion. For residential or commercial areas, gabion walls increase unique view to ordinary surroundings.

What gabion products do you supply?

As an experienced and professional manufacture, we provide various gabions including gabion baskets, gabion sack, hesco barrier, woven or hexagonal gabion, welded gabion and gabion mattress.