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Hexagonal Wire Mesh Roll

Cn-Gabion supplies a large range of galvanised steel wire with a hexagonal shaped mesh aperture. Used for rabbit fencing, chicken wire netting and garden fencing, the steel mesh is strong, rust-resistant and very versatile. We supply hexagonal galvanised wire netting in three mesh holes sizes 13mm (½ inch), 31mm (1¼ inches) and 50mm (2 inches) and in various roll widths from 60cm (2ft) up to 1.8m (6ft).

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Product Details
Our products are also available in various steel wire diameters, with the smallest mesh holes sizes being the thinnest wire. Hexagonal wire netting is used by in the garden for fencing, crop protection, climbing plant support, rabbit fencing, chicken runs, bird cages and aviaries. 1.8m hexagonal wire fencing is suitable for protecting against deer.

Mesh & Wire Sizes:

  • 13mm mesh holes (0.7mm dia. / 22 gauge wire)
  • Ideal for vegetable, fruit , crop protection, tree guards and garden fencing
  • 31mm mesh holes (1mm dia. / 19 gauge wire) - The standard size for rabbit fencing
  • 50mm mesh holes (1mm dia. / 19 gauge wire)
  • Garden fencing, aviaries and deer control fences

Most galvanised wire netting is known as either rabbit fencing mesh or Chicken Wire Netting. Both of these are the most common use for this type of wire netting. Chicken wire is used for chicken runs, pens and houses. Rabbit fencing starts a a minimum 60cm high up to 1.2m to protect from hare and Muntjac deer. The highest fence we supply the wire mesh for is a deer fence, at a whopping 1.8m (approx 6ft high).

Typical Applications:

  • Chicken wire can be used for chicken runs, pens and houses
  • Garden Fences
  • Agricultural rabbit fencing
  • Tree protection guards
  • Thatch roofs
  • Rabbit-proof fencing

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