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ROCCO Ring Net Rock Fall Protection Mesh

 Ring nets are used essentially with rockfall barriers due to their strength and minimal need for attention and maintenance once installed. A High Resistance wire (from 140 to 155 daN/mm2) is used and a broigne weaving technique significantly increases resistance by comparison with the standard square mesh design of other nets.


The fact that there no visible extremities on the rings (they are inserted into the strand) improves both energy absorption capabilities of the net and the safety of the workers during installation.

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Product Details
Our wire-rope ring nets are available in two different combinations:

- Type 1+4 : 1 ring + 4 peripheral rings for low to average energy impacts

- Type 1+6 : 1 ring + 6 peripheral rings for high energy impacts.

Ring Nets have the highest strengths of any mesh in the rockfall protection Systems range. With high strain performance, Ring Nets are ideal for situations where there is a high risk of dynamic impacts. The nets are also used to face rock slopes featuring large rock masses prone to failure; Ring Nets can accommodate these high local stresses without sustaining damage.


The technical performance of the ring nets has been optimized to provide a balance of strength, weight and flexibility. The performance of the nets is dependent upon wire strand diameters, bundle configurations and the number of connection points to adjacent rings within the panel.

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