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Chainlink fence

Chain link is a popular fencing option for a wide variety of usages. It's easy to erect and offers a cost effective method for securing your property.

This type of fence is available commonly in heights varying between three and twelve feet and made from galvanised or green PVC coated steel wire, woven into a zig zag pattern to create the familiar diamond shaped fence. 

The reason chain link fencing is so popular is mostly due to its relative low cost and the ease of which it can be installed. A handy person could install a chain link fence themselves without too much trouble using a how-to guide, and without needing to hire a professional fencer. Usually concrete and angle iron are the posts used with chain link, but timber posts can be used too, if preferred. It also, being a transparent style of fence, does not block out sunlight, and the open style makes it ideal for particularly windy and exposed areas.

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The Benifits of Chainlink Fences

The many beneficial qualities of chain link fences make them attractive for many different fencing needs. When you have business-related needs, chain link is:

  • Economical

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Low maintenance

Available in many different heights, gauges, colors, and coatings, chain link fences can be coated in metallic or vinyl/polymer. Metallic-coated fences can be purchased/specified in galvanized, aluminized, Galfan, and Galvinal coatings, while the vinyl/polymer coatings can be green, brown, or black.

Key Variables.   These are the Key Variables to ensure your Chain Link Fence meets your commercial fence needs (in order of importance)

  • Diameter and Wall Thickness of Galvanized Pipe
  • Gauge of Wire (the thicker the wire, the lower the gauge number)
  • Size of Mesh (aka Diamond).   The smaller the mesh, the more secure the fence is.

Galvanized Round Pipe Framework is chosen according to the application.   See the chart below for the proper dimensions for your project:



Gauge of Wire

At Cn-Gabion, we offer a wide variety of chain link gauges to meet any needs you may have. We carry:

  • 11.5 Gauge (Temporary construction fencing),
  • 11 Gauge (Light Commercial)
  • 9 Gauge (Commercial)
  • 6 Gauge (Heavy Industrial)

We provide all of our chain link fences in different heights, colors, and coatings and will recommend the specification right for your project.

Diamond Size and Selvage

Lastly, Cn-Gabion Fence will ensure that we spec the right diamond size and selvage for your project.  Generally speaking, the smaller the diamond, the stronger the fence.

Typical Specifications

You can trust Cn-Gabion to ensure that your fence isn’t over spec’d or under spec’d.   If a fence contractor only focus on price, please make sure you understand what he/she is specifiying.

Here are some common specifications:


  • Tubing:   Normally .080” to .095” (Schedule 20 Tubing/BSS) Wall Thickness
  • Line Posts:  2 3/8” Diameter x .095” Wall Thickness
  • Terminals/Gate Posts/Corner Posts:   2 7/8” Diameter x .095” Wall Thickness
  • Top Rail:  1 5/8” Diameter x .080” Wall Thickness
  • Chain Link Fence:  Normally 11 Gauge Wire and 2” Diamond size

The most common way that this spec is altered is by substituting residential products.


  • Tubing:   Normally Schedule 40 Wall Thickness for all Framework
  • Line Posts:  2 3/8” Diameter
  • Terminals/Gate Posts/Corner Posts:   2 7/8” Diameter
  • Top Rail:  1 5/8” Diameter
  • Chain Link Fence:  Normally 9 Gauge Wire and 2” Diamond size

     Frequent Roll Sizes


     Diamond Piches


Chainlink Fence Fitting List and Assembly Procedures

Chainlink Fence Applications



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